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(7-2007) Enlarge Another view of the Alamo well near the Long Barrack (background). View looking northwest


(7-2007) Enlarge Restored Long Barrack. It is now a museum. Federal building in the background. View looking northwest


(7-2007) Enlarge Interpretive marker near Long Barrack
Interpretive marker: Lest we forget, Clara Driscoll
Interpretive marker: Ruins


(7-2007) Enlarge Long Barrack looking north
Interpretive Marker: Aerial view
Interpretive Marker: 1718-1793
Interpretive Marker: The Alamo, a story bigger than Texas
Interpretive Marker: Finding your way around the Alamo

Interpretive Markers: The purpose of missions & Missions and Presidios
Interpretive Markers: Doctors at the Alamo

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