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(7-2007) Enlarge Looking along the line of the original palisade wall

Interpretive marker in lower right of picture

Interpretive marker: Defense of the Alamo
Interpretive marker: Founding of the mission and origin of name


(7-2007) Enlarge Rock wall in background outlines the approximate location of a section of the Low Barracks (south wall). Blue arrow in upper right corner is pointing to a partial reproduction of the southwest corner of the Alamo compound. The 18-pdr was mounted there. Click here for photo of original 18-pdr. No identification was on or near the cannon. Staff advised that it was the real one


(7-2007) Enlarge Rock wall outlining section of the Low Barracks (south wall). The interpretive marker marks the site of the main gateway to the Alamo complex. Long Barrack and Alamo Chapel in background
Interpretive marker: South wall/low barracks and main gateway


(7-2007) Enlarge View looking west, toward site of the west wall just inside the building in right background. The rock wall outlining section of the Low Barracks (south wall) is to the left

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