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(7-2007) Enlarge Another view of the original Alamo cannon shown on Page12


(7-2007) Enlarge Original 18-pdr cannon used at the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. The piece was placed at the southwest corner of the Alamo complex. No markings are on or near the cannon. Staff advised that it's the real thing


(7-2007) Enlarge The Spirit of Sacrifice Cenotaph
List of names of men who are known to have died in defense of the Alamo

John Wayne's Alamo Movie Set at Brackettville, TX

  (8-2008) At the spot where Davy Crockett allegedly fell in action, located just to the left of the Alamo entrance: "Legend states that David Crockett (born August 17, 1786) sacrificed his life for Texas liberty here in defense of the Alamo on March 6, 1836

Joel Manuel photo


(8-2008) Enlarge Plaque commemorating William Travis' "line in the sand," located directly in front of the Alamo entrance

Joel Manuel photo

  (8-2008) Enlarge Close-up of the line marker

Joel Manuel photo

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