Gettysburg, a Virtual Tour
The Hospitals

Don Worth, UCLA (7-2001)
Richard Edling, Philadelphia (7-2003, 9-2006 , 2-2007)
Walter Wells, PA (1-2003)
Chris Shelton, IN (2008)

Field Hospital
2003 Gettysburg Reenactment

1. American Civil War Medical and surgical history
2. Sanitary Commission American Civil War
3. Hospitals at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Civil War
4. Hospitals in the Civil War
5. Gettysburg Hospital Sites Gets Signs, Tour

6. Civil War Medical Care, Battle Wounds, and Disease
7. The Truth About Civil War Surgery HistoryNet
8. National Museum of Civil War Medicine
9. Civil War Hospitals, Surgeons, and Nurses
10. Civil War Medicine
Hospital Sites  
1st Sanitary Commission Lodge
Adam Butt Farm
Adam Butt Schoolhouse
Adams County Court House
Black Horse Tavern
Bushman Farm
Camp Letterman General Hospital
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Christian Byers Farm
Codori Farm House
Daniel Sheaffer Farm
Elizabeth Weible Farm
Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse
Great Conewago Presbyterian Church
Henry Culp Farm

Henry Spangler Farm
High Street or "Common" School
Hospital Wards Sites
Isaac Lightner Farm
J. Hummelbaugh Farm
Jacob Grass Hotel, Hunterstown
Jacob Weikert Farm
James and Catherine Foster's Home
John Slyder Farm
Josiah Benner Farm
Leonard Bricker Farm
Lower Marsh Creek Church
Lutheran Seminary (1st)
Lutheran Seminary (2nd)
Lydia Leister Farm
McPherson Farm
Michael Crist Farm
Michael Frey Farm
Nathaniel Lightner Farm
Pennsylvania Hall
Railroad Depot
Rose Farm
Sarah Patterson Farm
Sherfy House
The Presbyterian Church
Trostle Farm House
Two Taverns
Union Hosp 17, Benjamin Marshall House
U.S. Field Hospitals Marker
W. H. Monfort Farm
Weikert Road (Confederate Hospitals)
William Patterson Farm
Photos this page courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA    

(9-06) Enlarge The Wounded and the Dead Interpretive Marker on Confederate Ave.

(9-06) Edward McPherson Farm



(9-06) Edward McPherson Farm
The fighting which swirled around this farm was heavy and bloody for both sides. During the battle, the McPherson buildings were used as a temporary hospital by Confederate surgeons. After the battle the farm became the Union 1st Corps field hospital. Only the barn remains standing today

(9-06) Lydia Leister Farm

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