Gettysburg, a Virtual Tour
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(7-01) Bushman Farm
The Bushman Farm was an Army of the Potomac field hospital
Photo by Don Worth, UCLA

(7-01) Adams County Court House
on the west side of Baltimore Street at Middle Street
Beginning on July 1st, it was used extensively as a hospital site to tend to wounded from both sides
Photo by Don Worth, UCLA


(7-01) James and Catherine Foster's home on the corner of South Washington and High Streets

Two surgeons from the Union First Corps, a Dr. Bache of Philadelphia, and a Dr. Hearde of Boston, spent the night of July 2 in this house after operating constantly for two days. They arose at 6:00 a.m., ate a hurried breakfast and left. Five minutes later a shell crashed into the bedroom where they had slept, tearing the bed clothes to pieces. This was followed immediately by a second shell, which burst in the breakfast room over the table where they had eaten. The force broke the forks, and drove the weights of the clock through the far wall. A third shell entered through the jambs of the fireplace and hurled the mantel across the room. Courtesy of Main Street Gettysburg Historic Walking Tour

Photo by Don Worth, UCLA


(1-03) Rose Farm
During the battle, the house was used as a field hospital and burial ground. Hundreds of Confederate and Federal soldiers were buried in rows all around the house and property
Photo by
Walter Wells, PA

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