Gettysburg, a Virtual Tour
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Photos this page courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA

(9-06) Jacob Weikert Farm

(9-06) Daniel Sheaffer Farm



(9-06) Daniel Sheaffer Farm
General Daniel Sickles had his leg amputated here on July 2nd. Sickles was asked by his doctor after his operation what he desired to make him feel better. He requested champagne. This, the doctor said, could not be gotten, but a bottle of wine was soon found in a baggage wagon. The warm wine Sickles could not take, and refused to try, directing that the bottle should be sunk in a well for an hour to cool. The doctor chafed at the delay. …but (the general) insisted on this process for a full hour. When the wine was brought in at last, it was sufficiently cool, but after taking a single swallow he put down the glass… he declined to take another mouthful for five minutes, and… drank it this way, one swallow every five minutes… During the night he was able to finish the bottle, and thus started on the way to recovery

(9-06) Isaac Lightner Farm

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