Gettysburg, a Virtual Tour
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Photo this page courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA

(7-01) The Presbyterian Church
The hospitals of the First Division Cavalry Corps were located June 30th in this church and other nearby buildings and fell into the hands of the Confederates on the evening of July 1st. The wounded of the Cavalry commands were later cared for here and in the hospitals of the infantry divisions


(7-01) Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Located on Chambersburg it was converted to a hospital on July 1, 1863
During the battle of Gettysburg it became a haven serving humanity. When the first wounded appeared along Chambersburg Street, the church's doors were thrown open to serve as a hospital. Within a few hours the chancel, pews and aisles were filled to capacity with stricken and suffering Union soldiers who remained under care until late July


(7-01) Henry Culp Farm
Located just north of the north face of Cemetery Hill. It was to this house that Col. Isaac Avery was taken following his mortal wounding during the attack on East Cemetery Hill on the evening of July 2, 1863


(7-01)  Lutheran Seminary on Seminary Ridge.
The original dormitory and classroom building. The Lutheran Seminary was used for observation and as a hospital during the battle. It is now the home of the Adams County Historical Society

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