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Photos this page courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA

(9-06) Isaac Lightner Farm
In 1862, Gettysburg Sheriff Isaac Lightner and his wife moved into their new home on the Baltimore Turnpike. Solidly built of brick, the house combined the simple elegance of the Federal style with elements of the Victorian age. On July 1, 1863, the Lightner home became part of history, when Union Army Surgeon New established his Hospital Headquarters at the nearby White Church and annexed the Sheriff's farm. The Lightner Farmhouse served as a Field Hospital, providing shelter for battle-weary men of the First Corps. Tall trees shaded the soldiers camped on the grounds, water from White Run quenched their thirst, and bread baked in the beehive oven provided food. It is now a Bed and Breakfast

(9-06) Two Taverns



(9-06) Two Taverns
From the report of Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Ruger,
The Twelfth Corps arrived at the village of Two Taverns, Pa., on the turnpike from Littlestown to Gettysburg, on July 1. The First and Eleventh Corps having engaged the enemy beyond Gettysburg, the corps moved forward to their support. The First Division, leaving the turnpike and bearing to the right at a point about 2 miles from Gettysburg, gained a position threatening the left flank of the enemy, who had compelled the First and Eleventh Corps to retire toward Gettysburg. The appearance of the division in this position at the time it occurred was apparently a timely diversion in favor of our forces, as the farther advance of the enemy ceased. About sunset, the division, in accordance with orders, took up a position about three-quarters of a mile in rear of the position previously occupied, and so remained during the night of the 1st

(9-06) Two Taverns
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