Gettysburg, a Virtual Tour
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(9-06) W. H. Monfort Farm
Photo by Richard Edling, PA

(9-06) Christian Byers Farm
February 2007 photo of the Christian Byers farmhouse
The Byers farm was located just North of Fairfield Road, the deed being recorded September 27, 1769, one-half penny per acre was the price paid for the land. The Rebels had possession for the three days during the battle and used the house and barn for hospital purposes for about five weeks. The hospital had 100 patients for three weeks, fifty men for two weeks, and then all were removed. Although the barn has long since disappeared, the house and one old outbuilding remain. It is private property today
Photo by Richard Edling, PA



(7-01) Pennsylvania Hall
The other college building that witnessed the battle. The hall was used as a hospital during the battle - it is now the administration building for Gettysburg College

Photo by Don Worth, UCLA

(7-01) High Street or "Common" School
Erected in 1857, the High Street or "Common" School was the first consolidated public school in Gettysburg. By July 1, 1863 it became a hospital, housing wounded from the battle
Photo by Don Worth, UCLA

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