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Photos/Text courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, AL
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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Names of known Confederate soldiers buried at Decatur city cemetery
1. Isaac L. Beard, 6th Arkansas Infantry, Co. B
2. Sgt John R. Hopkins, 12th Louisiana Infantry, Co. A
3. Pvt Jacob Hubbard, 12th Louisiana Infantry, Co. H
4. John R. Palmer, Regt. Unk
5. Cpl James E. Patrick, 12th Louisiana Infantry, Co. G
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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge John R. Palmer



(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Isaac L. Beard, 6th Arkansas, Co. B

(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Confederate graves in the Decatur city cemetery


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge General Joe Wheeler Highway Marker (1940)


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Wartime Decatur buildings

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