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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Parham's Blue and Gray Civil War museum, Decatur
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(May 1864) Enlarge One of six wartime photos displayed in Parham's Blue and Gray Civil War Museum.  Photos taken May 1864 in Decatur. The following descriptions were taken from the displayed photos
1. Constructing breastworks on eastern side of Fort Fatigue. Fort No. 2, Old building of Decatur Bank, Fort No. 3 in Main Street, and Provost Marshall's Office can be seen in this photograph
Mr. Parham said that the photographer took several shots of the entire town of Decatur during the photo session and all the photos make an overall panoramic view of wartime Decatur on that particular day in May of 1864. These are the only known photographs from that set that are still in existence. The others are lost to history hopefully waiting to be rediscovered one day



(May 1864) Enlarge

2. Pontoon bridge over Tennessee River. (1) Piers of railroad bridge burned by General Mitchell. (2) Pontoon bridge. (3) Wagon train hauling supplies (in photo background)

(May 1864) Enlarge
3. Up Tennessee River. (1) First pier in railroad bridge (this photo is a continuation of previous photo) (2) Gunboat built at Bridgeport, "General Sherman"


(May 1864) Enlarge
4. Camp 17th New York Regiment. The building is the Regimental Hospital of the 32nd Wisconsin


(May 1864) Enlarge
5. 25th Indiana camp in foreground. In rear of barracks are seen the tents of the left wing of the 32nd Wisconsin (continuation of prior photo). Then is the Fort, with field and woods in the distance, looking exactly West

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