Fort Gaines, Alabama
February 2011

Photos/text this page courtesy of  Steven Hippensteel, AL
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(001) Enlarge View of Fog Enveloped Front Entrance - A nice morning view of the front entrance to Fort Gaines from the Southwest bastion

(002) Enlarge 19th Century Shipwreck Remains - Exposed by Hurricane Georges. The huge timbers you see are a ship's keel section, washed ashore in the fury of Hurricane Georges in the fall of 1998. A house was destroyed with it's impact. The remains formed the bottom ridge line of the ship and would have held the ribs of the ship's hull. Expert analysis of the material and construction indicate that the ship was built in the 1800's or earlier. The purpose of the ship, it's origin and the fate of it's crew are unknown


(003) Enlarge (Stop 1) South Gun Ramp - Built of brick it provides access to the terreplein, or gun platform for both soldiers and ammunition carts. To the left the kitchen courtyard can be seen

(004) Enlarge (Stop 2) Gun Mounts - The terreplein has a well preserved array of granite track supports upon which the guns were removed on their barbette carriages to change their field of fire. The breast high serpentine wall was built for protection of both guns and gun crews

(005) Enlarge Southeast Bastion  

(006) Enlarge Observation Post at Southwest Bastion - In this photo can be seen the granite track gun supports, the serpentine wall, the kitchen chimneys, and the Southwest bastion with observation post constructed around 1898 - 1903

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