Fort Gaines, Alabama
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(013) Enlarge Magazine Air Circulation Vents - Two of the three magazine vents in this area

(014) Enlarge (Stop 7) Range Finder - This was a central station for range finding operations


(015) Enlarge (Stop 8) East Bastion - Facing east across the three mile mouth of Mobile Bay, Fort Morgan is visible (on a clear day). Directly north of Fort Morgan the Union monitor Tecumseh struck a torpedo (mines fashioned from beer kegs and detonated on impact from shore by electricity), which exploded and sank her with 93 officers and crew. Along the bearing, the confederate ironclad Tennessee surrendered, ending the naval fighting of the famous battle. This bastion was leveled and filled, with sand at the construction of the later concrete coastal batteries

(016) Enlarge (Stop 9) Disappearing Gun Mount - Housed here was a 6 inch Disappearing Cannon. These were installed around 1898 - 1903. They were called 'disappearing' because for loading purposes the cannon's were lowered to the level of the concrete platform and to fire were raised above the wall


(017) Enlarge (Stop 10) Northeast Bastion - Four miles north of this point, Fort Powell stood. A smaller fortification, it fought six Union ships until it's guns were disabled, then withstood a severe bombardment. It was destroyed by the Confederates in a spectacular night explosion when further defense was impossible


(018) Enlarge (Stop 11) North Flank - Visible from this point is the location of a 3 inch rapid fire battery atop a small hill. The 928 foot pier originally ran out from this point into the water

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