Fort Gaines, Alabama
February 2011 Page10

Photos/text this page courtesy of  Steven Hippensteel, AL
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(055) Enlarge (Stop 22) Kitchen Courtyard - Note the large cisterns dominant here. These fireplaces and ovens were used daily in the preparation of food for the Fort garrison

(056) Enlarge Kitchen Courtyard

(057) Enlarge (Stop 25) Guardhouse - The Fort Gaines Gift Shop is presently located on the ground floor of this building

(058) Enlarge Courtyard View - On the far side of the courtyard can be seen (from left to right) the Orderly Room & Commandant's Office (currently the men's & women's restrooms), the Sally Port (Stop 26 - The entrance tunnel architecture is interesting for it's intricate brickwork. Original plans for the fort called for a drawbridge.), and the Guard House building (currently the gift shop & office space).


(059) Enlarge Entrance Tunnel Brickwork


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