Fort Gaines, Alabama
February 2011 Page9

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(049) Enlarge Actual signature of Admiral David Farragut

(050) Enlarge Damn The Torpedoes Brass Footmat - It was near this brass foot mat that Admiral Farragut said, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!". This item was one of a handful of relics that escaped the scrapping of the U.S.S. Hartford


(051) Enlarge Artifacts

(052) Enlarge (Stop 20) Ammunition Magazine - The tunnel from the courtyard to the Southeast Bastion was blocked during concrete gun mount construction. Nearly all concrete structures within the fort were built between 1898 - 1903 


(053) Enlarge (Stop 21) Officers' Quarters - This building was originally three stories tall but the upper floors were destroyed during the Battle of Mobile Bay. The standard garrison for this Fort was around 400 men. The enlisted men's barracks outside the walls were burned down during the battle as well


(054) Enlarge Officers' Quarters Interior

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