Fort Gaines, Alabama
February 2011 Page5

Photos/text this page courtesy of  Steven Hippensteel, AL
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(025) Enlarge (Stop 15) Latrine - Beneath the gun platform and earth-works the latrine is accessible by tunnel

(026) Enlarge Latrine Interpretive Marker and Gun Ports

(027) Enlarge Steven Hippensteel

(028) Enlarge (Stop 16) Blacksmith Shop - This area housed the garrison blacksmithing and forging operations. The garrison blacksmiths were housed within these two rooms. They worked on anything of iron that was made inside the Fort. Horses were not used in any great quantity on Dauphin Island and if they needed shoes it would not have been these men who worked on them but rather a specialized type of Blacksmith called a Ferrier who was located outside the Fort

(029) Enlarge Living History   (030) Enlarge Second Room of the Blacksmith Shop

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