Fort Gaines, Alabama
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(031) Enlarge (Stop 17) Battery Stanton - Opening into the courtyard beneath the coastal batteries these rooms show tracks on the ceiling on which traveled slings hauling ammunition. Over the doors are visible four davits which hoisted the ammunition up to gun crews. Interior hoists are located opposite the top of the steel stairways

(032) Enlarge (Stop 18) Quartermaster's Offices - Part of the southeast corner was removed to construct the concrete magazine entrance. Fort supplies such as uniforms were kept here. This building served as the Fort's 'store'. All Military supplies (except ammunition) was stored and distributed here by the Quartermaster. He was responsible for all supplies, and would even charge soldiers for items damaged for reasons other than everyday use


(033) Enlarge Quartermaster's Store

(034) Enlarge Quartermaster's Building

(035) Enlarge U.S.S. Hartford Anchor - This anchor came from the U.S.S. Hartford, Admiral Farragut's flagship during the Civil War "Battle of Mobile Bay" in August of 1864. It was there that he uttered the now famous words, "Damn the Torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead!".

  (036) Enlarge Rudder & Chain from a Civil War era ship

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