Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-10:
Hornets' Nest

Parts of three Federal divisions stubbornly defended this densely wooded area on April 6, so named by attacking Confederates because of the stinging shot and shell they faced here.

Hornets' Nest Panoramas

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(2012) Enlarge  Marker Detail Tour Stop-10: Hornet's Nest

Bill Bechmann


(2012) Enlarge Center of the Union Line

Bill Bechmann

(Winter 1999) General Prentiss' Surrender Site

Brian Risher

  (3-04) View looking southeast from Eastern Corinth Road



(2003) The Minnesota Monument at the Hornets' Nest

Brian Risher


Brig. Gen. Prentiss surrendered here at 5:30 P.M. April 6, 1862. East of Corinth-Pittsburg Landing Road, south of Confederate monument

Glenn Bandy

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