Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-19:
Grant's Left Flank

Here Union artillery hammered the flank of Confederate infantry charging across rugged Dill Branch ravine.

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(2012) Enlarge Tour Stop-19: Grant's Left Flank / On the Union Left
Bill Bechmann


(3-93) Original location of the On the Union Left marker
Southeast view across the Tennessee River at the mouth of Dill Branch. Stationed at the mouth, gunboats Lexington and Tyler shelled Confederate positions the night of April 6th
This location was on the tour route before the Dill Branch crossing washed out in the early 90's


(3-93) Southwest view across Dill Branch ravine, south of Grant's left flank marker above



(3-93) Union battery on left flank of Grant's Last Line


(2012) Enlarge Union battery near Pittsburg Landing
Bill Bechmann

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