Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-20: Pittsburg Landing

Gen. Don Carlos Buell's Army of the Ohio arrived here on the night of April 6-7 to reinforce Grant.
From east bank of Tennessee River   East bank opposite the landing   Pittsburg Landing: Then and Now
Courtesy of Tom Johnston

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(2012) Enlarge Tour Stop-20 : Pittsburg Landing
Bill Bechmann


(3-93) Pittsburg Landing. Original location of Pittsburg Landing marker. Old Tour Stop-1

View of this overlook in 2001 courtesy of Richard Holmes

(2012) Enlarge Bluff overlooking Pittsburg Landing
Sam Foster

(2012) Enlarge Pittsburg Landing looking downstream (north) toward Savannah

Bill Bechmann


(3-93) Pittsburg Landing


Pittsburg Landing a few days after the battle. The middle boat is the Tigress, General Grant's floating headquarters


(3-04) Enlarge Pittsburg Landing from the east bank of the Tennessee River. From this point Federal troops boarded transports for the short trip across the river



(3-04) Enlarge Flat land directly across the river from Pittsburg Landing


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