Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-5: Shiloh Church

Here stood Shiloh Meeting House, the log Methodist church that gave the battle its name.

Panorama of Cleburne's position near Shiloh Branch

Sites near Shiloh Church

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(2012) Enlarge Tour Stop-5: Shiloh Church. Rebuilt by Sons of Confederate Veterans

Marker: Shiloh Log Church

Sites near Shiloh Church

Bill Bechmann


(2012) Enlarge  Marker Detail Shiloh Church (old & new)

Bill Bechmann


(3-93) New Shiloh Church. South view across Corinth Road, the direction Sherman's troops were facing Sunday morning the 6th

Shiloh Church interpretive marker: July 2007, Don Worth, UCLA


(3-93) Old Shiloh Church Marker



Sherman's troops hurrying to meet the Confederate attack. Shiloh Church on the left


(4-02) Enlarge Shiloh Log Church. Rebuilt by Sons of Confederate Veterans
Brian Risher

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