Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-16: The Peach Orchard

Sarah Bell's orchard was in full bloom when Confederate troops attacked Union forces here on April 6. The Federals eventually retreated to Pittsburg Landing, but retook the field during the counterattack the next day.

William Manse George Cabin

Peach Orchard Panoramas

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(2012) Enlarge  Marker Detail Tour Stop-16: The Peach Orchard (Union troops retreat)

Bill Bechmann


(3-93) Southwest view across the replanted peach orchard and Sarah Bell's cotton field
Washington Artillery Courtesy of Kenny Meyers, Slidell, LA
Peach Orchard panoramas (2)



(10-00) Peach Orchard from the Federal position. Death site of A. S. Johnston is in the trees at center. (Peach trees are "twigs")

Don Worth (Webmaster) 48th OVVI Website


(3-04) Enlarge View from Interpretive Marker



(2012) Enlarge Looking north across Sarah Bell's cotton field. The Peach Orchard is to the right out of view. Sign marks the first point of attack on the Peach Orchard by the 17th KY
Sam Foster


(2012) Enlarge View from Confederate position toward Peach Orchard. The combined forces of Stephens, Statham and Bowen successfully charged Hurlbut's position, forcing the establishment of a second line of defense at Wicker Field
Sam Foster


(2012) Enlarge View of the position first occupied by the 17th Kentucky and later filled by the 61st Illinois in the Peach Orchard
Sam Foster


(2012) Enlarge View of the battlefield from Hurlbut's initial position Sunday morning. The Sunken Road extends behind the cabin along his right to the Hornet's nest on the other side of the trees. The Bell's Cotton Field lies in the distant left of the frame. The Peach Orchard is out of frame to the left. The 17th KY was positioned at the left in the distant tree line
Sam Foster

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