Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-3: Duncan Field (The Hornet's Nest)

Union troops defended this position for seven hours on April 6, before finally giving ground. They retook it in the counterattack next day.

Hornets' Nest Panoramas

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(2012) Enlarge  Marker Detail Duncan Field. Photo by Bill Bechmann, Cincinnati, OH

(2012) Enlarge Tour Stop-3: Duncan Field (The Hornet's Nest)
Bill Bechmann


(2012) Enlarge The Hornet's Nest interpretive sign
Bill Bechmann

(2012) Enlarge  Detail Minnesota Monument
Bill Bechmann
  (2012) Enlarge Surrender of the Hornet's Nest
Bill Bechmann
(3-93) South view across the Sunken Road and Duncan Field


  (3-93) Northwest view from Gen. Prentiss' surrender site


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