Shiloh National Military Park
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(3-04) Enlarge Looking west


(3-04) Enlarge Another view to the west. Grant's Last Line marker in left background


(3-04) Enlarge Battery in background of previous photo


(6-01) Grant's Last Line. While the Confederates moved to crush the Hornets' Nest, Grant formed a defensive line along this ridge. The line of artillery marks the final position of Grant's left on April 6. That night Buell's reinforcements deployed forward of Grant's left and center while Lew Wallace's fresh division reinforced the right. At dawn on April 7 nearly 50,000 Federals launched a counterattack against the Confederates
Richard Holmes


24-pounder smooth bore siege cannon, model 1819, manufactured 1828. Type used during night of April 6th. Located on Grant's Last Line, the Pittsburg Landing Road
Glenn Bandy


View from near the Iowa monument, looking east toward Pittsburg Landing, just beyond the trees in the distance
Matt Hering

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